Split Ring Timber Connectors

What are Split Rings?

Split ring timber connectors (also known as timber rings or Teco rings) are round, metal rings that are inserted into precut grooves between two overlapping timber members. Split rings get their name from a split tongue and slot in the middle of the ring that allows the ring to grow and contract with the timber around it.

What are split rings used for?

Split rings are primarily used in the assembly of clear span wood trusses ranging from 20’ to 250’. Split rings provide greater load capacity than bolts in a timber to timber connections on their own. The use of split rings allows for fewer bolts to be used.

What sizes of split rings are available?

4″ split rings and 2-1/2” split rings are available in either plain finish or hot-dip galvanized. The 4” and 2-1/2” dimension corresponds to the inside diameter of the ring. A special grooving tool cuts grooves in wood into which the split rings are inserted. This video shows how to properly install a split ring.