Installation Video

Watch and learn as we assemble a Grooving Tool, create the specialized grooves required for split ring installation, and demonstrate a wood-to-wood connection with a 4″ split ring. See more videos on our channel at


Split ring timber connectors are steel rings installed in pre-cut grooves made with a special cutting tool. They are used in wood-to-wood connections, and designed to distribute compressive loads over a larger area than bolts alone.

This video will demonstrate the proper use of a grooving tool to install a 4″ diameter split ring with a 3/4″ diameter bolt.

Assemble the 3/4″ pilot bit into the cutter head, and tighten it with an allen wrench. Set the grooving tool aside.

In order to properly groove the timber, a 13/16″ bolt hole must first be drilled through the wood.

Insert the grooving tool into a drill press or 3/4″ or larger handheld, portable drill.

Use the pilot bit to properly align the cutter so that it centers itself on the pre-drilled bolt hole. This will ensure that the grooves created for the split ring will be concentric to the bolt hole.

Set screws on the face of the grooving tool can be adjusted to increase or decrease the depth of the grooves.

When properly installed, a single split ring inserts into both of the pre-cut grooves in the wood surfaces being joined.

Proper assembly implementing split rings requires the use of a 3″ minimum diameter washer on the exterior of the connection. The edge of one board has been cut away simply for demonstration purposes.

Refer to for more information about split rings.